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Its about time we came up with this idea, yeah ; 5 years struggling with 9 to 5's, kids, college tuition, inferior equipment, and the biggest obstacle, Haterrrrrrrrrrrs. It's about time we put our ideas down, keep the creative juices flowing, sounds for mind blowin, yeah; it's about time. Welcome to our world, come into the wonderful environment we've established, where your every recording need is addressed, and you still have money left for flowers for your lady, gas in your car, and your rent. Welcome to Thight Trax Recording Studio, Glen (Doc) Thomas and Ken Wright Owner Operators, engineering with a Thight Stamp, Writing with a Thight Flare and World Class Production from Thight Trax.




Thight Trax was established Feb. 2000 in the minds and hearts of Doc and Ken in a garage. Our friends came to us in the music business and wondered when we would create a Web address, O.K., here it is anything you'd like to do musically can be accomplished here at Thight Trax. We have state of the art digital equipment and we've both been in and around the recording industry for 30 years, not saying we old.........

just experienced.



The picture taken below is inside "THIGHT" in the early days,


Vocals are clean and crisp, no distortion, bottoms are thight and mids fill the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Come check us out.





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